As part of capacity building initiatives, SIZA offers a range of tools beyond the audit that, if used in combination rather than isolation, will provide more extensive cover and management of risk between audits, ensuring a more robust continuous improvement programme. As part of the producer support programme, SIZA rolls out webinars/workshops; videos that can be used for induction purposes; posters; capacity‐building, remedy, and support programmes; as well as newsletters and publications, such as the Health & Safety-, Transport- and a Fire-safety Guide; Workplace Communication Toolkit; training, etc.


The following videos and supporting posters are available at the SIZA office:


SIZA Agri-Worker Compliance Videos

In order to drive continuous improvement in agriculture, SIZA in conjunction with the Western Cape Department of Agriculture created a series of agri-worker ethical compliance training videos, which members can use for induction purposes and/or to train their workers on the SIZA Social Standard principles. Because we know that the availability of data can be a problem in some communities, these videos have been created in two formats:

  • Firstly, high-quality versions of all the videos that are available on our website and on the SIZA YouTube channel here. This version can be used to show to workers on big screens during induction or training.
  • Secondly, we have cell phone-friendly, low-data versions of the videos, which can be sent to members via WhatsApp upon request. Our members can then send these videos on to their workers either via WhatsApp, or Bluetooth, to view on their own phones, without using too much data.

These videos are also available in Afrikaans and isiXhosa. If you would like a copy of the mobile versions, please let us know and we will forward them to you ( your information you can click on the YouTube channel here to watch the videos. It is very important to remember that when you show the videos to agri-workers that a training attendance register is kept at hand for workers to sign as proof that they have received the induction/in house training.

All SIZA Social/Ethical and Environmental videos are available Afrikaans, English, and isiXhosa.

SIZA Social Compliance Posters

The SIZA Social poster is compulsory for all SIZA members. It was developed to create awareness and should be visible to all agri-workers on farms. The 8 Principles of the SIZA Social Standard posters reflect what should be implemented on the farm to be compliant. It is very important that all agri-workers are aware and understand the content of the 8 Principles of the SIZA Social Standard. These posters are available in Afrikaans and English.



These posters and videos are available free of charge as part of your membership fees that you pay to SIZA, but if they must be sent to you via post, you will be liable for the postage and packaging fees. Alternatively, the poster bleed files are available on request to be printed at your own convenience.

To order any of these posters or videos, please email Terms and conditions apply.