The pricing structure of SIZA depends on the modules from SIZA you would utilize and where you need visibility in the market. The Membership level option you choose will be your base fee (i.e. SIZA Social), as well as Ad-on Modules (i.e. SIZA Enviro).

Visibility options include GlobalG.A.P (GRASP) and/or Sedex.  This depends on the markets you supply to.

Should you choose to have the Add-on Module (SIZA Environmental,) then you would have to indicate that during your subscription renewal process. There is an additional R600.00 ex VAT per year cost for add-on SIZA Module, such as Environmental.  

If you need visibility at Sedex and/or GlobalG.A.P you would also need to inform SIZA during the renewal process and visibility will cost R100.00 ex VAT per platform.  Please remember that you have to apply one or both of these options if you want visibility, otherwise your data will not be visible to these markets and you will probably have to do alternative audits.


If you are unsure as to how your business should register on the SIZA Platform for your base fee, please look at the following definitions and examples for more guidance.  


Membership fees 2018-19




An example of full structure is indicated below for membership levels

Base Standard Selected

SIZA Social

Price depends on the level of membership you choose – (normal membership fees will increase from 1 April 2018)

Add-on Module

SIZA Environmental

R600.00ex VAT

GlobalG.A.P Visibility


R100.00ex VAT

Sedex Visibility


R100.00ex VAT