If you are unsure as to how your business should register on SIZA?  Please look at the following definitions and examples for more guidance. 

If you need advice or help email: or call the SIZA Helpline 086 111 1568.


Level 1a:              Producer (R960 excluding VAT)

Level 1b:              A producer/pack house who packs in his/her own pack house (R1050 excluding VAT)

Level 1c:              Smallholders/Emerging Growers (Please contact the SIZA office for payment options)

Level 2:                Pack house / Processing facility (R1 300 excluding VAT):   An independent pack house/processing facility that operates independently and packs/process on          behalf of primary producers.

Level 3a:              Export agent (R2 000 excluding VAT)

Level 3b:              Multi-site  :  A multi-site is where a head office of a company manages a number of production sites through a central management system, taking responsibility for company policies and procedures (for example, human resource functions). The head office in this case can register as a Level 3b member which will be at a per site fee of R960 excl. VAT per site for the first 6. In case a business have more than 6 there is a base fare of R6500 excl. VAT for up to 10 sites and there after a R960 excl. Vat per site fare applies

For example:

A company which owns 13 sites and manages these through a centralized system can register as follows:

  • Multi-site base membership @ R6 500 (covering up to 10 production sites)
  • Plus 3 x R960excl (for productions sites 11, 12 and 13) = R2 880

TOTAL: R9 380 (excluding VAT)

A company which owns 6 sites and manages these through a centralized system can rather register each site as a level 1 member as this is a cheaper option.

Level 4:                Import Agent (R6 500 excluding VAT):  Not-for-profit Entity which needs to be linked to Level 1 member sites in order to have visibility of these sites

Level 5a:              Retailer / Government Department (R10 000 excluding VAT)

Level 5b:             Major Industry Association - industry representing above 5000 hectares (R30 000 excluding VAT)

Level 5c:              Minor Industry Association - industry representing under 5000 hectares (R10 000 excluding VAT)

Level 6:                Not-for-Profit organisation which does not need to be linked to Level 1 member sites. (R1 500 excluding VAT):  For example, NGO, trade union or other non-profit entity not requiring visibility of Level 1 member sites

Level 7a:              Commercial Entities such as Audit Bodies (R3 000 excluding VAT)

Level 7b:              Training Service Providers (R3 000 excluding VAT)


What is a production ‘site’?

A production site is an agricultural production and/or processing facility that:

  1. a) Has a permanent infrastructure to support the production and/or packing activities;
  2. b) Has regular/permanent on-going activities to justify the employment of a workforce on the site; and
  3. c) is clearly identifiable, either independently or as part of a group, as a “stand alone” production unit, typically with its own management structure (even if there are some management functions that are centralized, for example, Human Resources, Senior Management functions, etc.).


(1)  An export agent owns a packhouse and a number of sites but they are each run as independent units with their own management systems. How must they register?  If the export agent needs to be linked and have visibility of their suppliers on the data system, then the exporter must register as a Level 3 member; each site must register as a Level 1 member; if the packhouse is a producer / packhouse it registers as a Level 1 member.

(2)  A pack house owns and packs for three farms. They all fall under one company. How must they register?   The pack house/ producer should register as Level 1; and the other two sites as a Producer Level 1.

(3)  A company owns and centrally manages 5 production sites. How must they register? Even though the sites are centrally managed, it is cheaper for the company to register each site as a Level 1 member rather than a Multi-site.

More information:  Membership Platform doc Oct 2017 final