As part of capacity building initiatives, SIZA offers a range of tools beyond the audit that, if used in combination rather than isolation, will provide more extensive cover and management of risk between audits, ensuring a more robust continuous improvement programme. As part of the producer support programme, SIZA rolls out webinars/workshops; videos that can be used for induction purposes; posters; capacity‐building, remedy, and support programmes; as well as newsletters and publications, such as the Health & Safety-, Transport- and a Fire-safety Guide; Workplace Communication Toolkit; training, etc.


The following videos and supporting posters are available at the SIZA office:


SIZA Caring for the Environment Videos

To raise awareness under agri-workers about conservation of the environment, SIZA created a Caring for the Environment video in Afrikaans, English, and isiXhosa. These videos are supported by posters which can be displayed in agri-worker areas. It is important to understand that caring for the environment is not a choice, but something that all of us will have to invest in and implement. Saving water, clearing invasive alien plants, saving electricity and fuel, as well as pollution and fire prevention are the key focus points of the videos. These focus points are portrayed visually through the posters to encapsulate the principles of environmental conservation that are relevant to agri-workers. The caring for the environment posters and videos are available in Afrikaans, English, and isiXhosa. These videos can be viewed on the links below.

SIZA Environmental Compliance Posters

SIZA Environmental compliance posters focusing on the four cornerstones of the environment are available in Afrikaans, and English.


These posters and videos are available free of charge as part of your membership fees that you pay to SIZA, but if they must be sent to you via post, you will be liable for the postage and packaging fees. Alternatively, the poster bleed files are available on request to be printed at your own convenience.

To order any of these posters or videos, please email Terms and conditions apply.