Various changes to the law concerning labour service providers have been proposed but are still under debate in parliament. It is clear from draft legislation that the relationship between service providers and producers will become more regulated in the future.

In any event, ensuring that service providers are legally compliant is relevant to employers who are jointly and severally liable for any non-compliances raised against a service provider they have contracted. The Temporary Employment Service Provider Checklist is an addendum to the SIZA Standard and can be used by producers who use labour service providers, as a guide to ensuring there is full compliance. It spells out the legal requirements of both service providers and employers. It is also important to have a Service Level Agreement in place between an employer and labour service providers.

For help with registering a TES and becoming compliant with the SIZA Programme, please download The Process for Temporary Employment Services (TES) (i.e., Labour Brokers) to become SIZA Compliant

Regional administrative services to labour service providers at nominal cost have been set up in some areas. This ensures service providers are legally registered and fully compliant with administrative aspects of the law. The industry supports having this model duplicated in other areas and ongoing training of labour service providers and their employees through the ethical trade programme.

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Auditing TES and Independent Contractors