The SIZA Digital Recordkeeping Programme was developed to drive a proactive approach for capturing data, support the regular capturing of data and ensure that the latest data is used in the data capture process - this maintains credibility in data processing so that data is accurately reflected in each KPI (Key Performance Indicators) cycle. With production and packhouse/processing sites collecting a multitude of data each passing month, data can either be available immediately (e.g. irrigation records) or only available at a later stage (e.g. municipal electricity accounts) - this can sometimes result in members not being able to complete a full month's data before moving to the next month of the KPI cycle.

 Therefore, what is the solution?

When capturing data for the current month of a KPI cycle and there is certain data that is temporarily unavailable (e.g. from a pending electricity account), a member can apply with a valid motivation to SIZA to add the missing data at a later stage so that you can continue with data capturing for the next month.

How to proceed:

  1. At the data entry point where data is temporarily unavailable, please enter 0 or 1.
  2. Continue with capturing the remaining data for the current month as per usual.
  3. Once completed, click on 'Finalise Site KPIs' to finalise the data capture process for the current month.
  4. The current month will become 'locked' and the next month will open for data capture.

To apply, please follow the steps below:

  1. Once the unavailable data becomes available at a later stage (e.g. the electricity account is delivered), submit a valid explanation (with evidence) to SIZA on why the data was temporarily unavailable during the month. To submit an application please follow the link below:




2. When the application is approved by SIZA Management, the member will be notified that the data was uploaded and the month is now completed in full.

The SIZA team will be happy to assist you to complete this process and maintain credible data delivery that supports your business' growth and continuous improvement. For more information please contact the SIZA Office and ask for an Environmental Specialist (Tel 021 852 8184) or send an email to