With traceability and credibility being a top priority, the MySIZA platform enables the sharing of vital information between producers, buyers, industries, and auditors. SIZA is taking this digital functionality and engagement to new heights by implementing the SIZA Digital Recordkeeping programme which is available to anyone and can be used globally as part of business management practices.

The SIZA Digital Recordkeeping programme allows markets and buyers to track risk and progress made within their supply chain with the click of a button. The available functionality includes live dashboards and downloadable risk reports, providing markets and buyers with an overview of their suppliers’ performance and assessing areas of concern by looking at various production inputs such as water, electricity, fertilisers, etc.

SIZA recognises the importance of monitoring and reducing greenhouse gas emissions as a remedial action against climate change. The SIZA Digital Recordkeeping programme has built-in functionality that allows suppliers to calculate their carbon footprint using their annual production data captured on MySIZA.

As the SIZA Digital Recordkeeping programme is available to be used globally, markets can streamline their risk assessment procedures by accessing data across their supply chain using the world-class MySIZA platform.