SIZA, in conjunction with PROCARE, developed a training course on grievances within businesses and the procedures around handling them, and the crucial role this plays in employee and business wellness. This course is aimed at all levels of people working on farms or in packhouses. After looking at audit findings and the non-compliances that have been raised over a period, this course was created with the aim to elevate businesses to have a better understanding of the implementation of grievance procedures. This training is focused on providing a more in-depth look at grievances within a business and the way they are handled and how communication between all parties plays a vital role so that a solution can be found to resolve the raised issues. The end goal is to create a better working relationship on farms and packhouses by providing training for managers, supervisors, and employees to gain more knowledge and expertise on the process.

The dates for the above training session are made available routinely through newsletters as well as on our social media pages. For enquiries, please contact Jo-Anne September in the SIZA office at or at (021) 852 8184. To register for the training, please contact PROCARE directly at or 021 873 0532.