Agribusinesses operate in a fast-paced and dynamic environment, and recordkeeping and traceability of production inputs and outputs are arguably the most critical factors for driving continuous improvement throughout the supply chain. SIZA has recognised retailers’ and buyers’ need for a cost-effective and streamlined monitoring programme to evaluate and monitor their supply chains and, therefore has […]

Within the agricultural space, it’s important to understand how different tools and programmes relate to one another. The SHERPA online management system, developed by Blue North Sustainability, is a valuable capacity-building tool focused on supporting any agriculture or food businesses in the implementation of sustainability strategies that reflect their unique contexts, priorities, and capacities. Clients […]

As SIZA’s methodology requires the Standards to be reviewed every 3 years, the time has come for another review of the SIZA Social and Environmental Standard in 2023. SIZA will follow a thorough process to ensure the review process is deemed rigorous and reliable. This will include a review by a technical work group (compiled […]

In line with the EU Green Deal (specifically the Farm to Fork Strategy), the EU Commission announced on 22 June 2022 of its intention to reduce the Maximum Residue Level (MRL) to zero for two active ingredients (clothianidin and thiamethoxam). These two active ingredients are already banned within EU Member States due to their toxicity […]

Over the years there has been a lot of talk about accommodation on farms and somehow it is seen as the problem child of social compliance.  So what do accommodation findings really look like? We decided to do a statistical breakdown: 2 405 findings have been raised on accommodation since 01 April 2020. The total […]

There are times during the course of a year where work cannot continue due to various reasons such as heatwaves, rain days, and even loadshedding. Within agriculture, rain days are fairly common, and it refers to any event that might occur which is deemed beyond the employer or employee’s control. For example, the planned harvest […]

In the agricultural industry, there are many instances where a business entity owns and operates several production units or operations as part of the company structure. During an audit, the audit team will include all the sections of the business as part of the legal entity that is managed under one management system. It is […]

Audit schedulers are essential in the audit process and are often the ones we turn to when we urgently need to book an audit on short notice. This is why it is important for the audit schedulers to ensure that the scheduled audit is requested on the producer’s latest approved SAQ. To ensure that the […]

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