Compliance Training

Regular training on environmental law requirements and SIZA environmental standards are essential, especially with SIZA membership growing at a fast pace and where new members are concerned. With SIZA Environmental being considered new, it is important that members receive training on all aspects (SAQ’s, Standards and Audits) of the Environmental Module, as this will give producers enough information about what to expect. In 2018 the main focus of the workshops was to create awareness of the program and to assist the producers to better understand the Environmental Standard and how to complete the Self-Assessment Questionnaire.

For 2019, SIZA Environmental Workshops will be rolled out on base (farm worker) and producer level. Base level training will be provided to farm workers about the basics of environmental stewardship and for the producers the focus will be more on the implementation of the SIZA Environmental Standard and what is being recognised as good practices across the following four cornerstones of the Environmental Standard:

  • Soil
  • Water
  • Energy, Waste and Materials
  • Ecosystems and Biodiversity

1.1      Objectives:

The following main objectives for SIZA and the Second-party verification have been identified:

  • To facilitate capacity building initiatives to support growers, smallholders and workers with the implementation of environmental standard requirements.
  • To promote good environmental practices
  • To provide SIZA members with sufficient training regarding the Environmental Standard and applicable legislation
  • To drive continuous improvement throughout awareness