SIZA's standards undergo regular independent benchmarking against global sustainability frameworks, enhancing its credibility and aligning it with international best practices. The trust earned from over 330 buyers globally and more than 40 different commodities locally highlights the effectiveness of SIZA in managing risks within the South African supply chain.
By partnering with SIZA, global buyers gain a competitive advantage because SIZA’s understanding of local agricultural risks, credible audits, capacity-building initiatives, local support,  and global accessibility, ensures that suppliers can effectively address challenges and advance sustainable practices within their own supply chains.

The robust management systems, hands-on approach, and excellent client service ensure that global buyers maintain real-time awareness of their South African supply chain. Through meticulous planning, comprehensive documentation, and meticulous data management, SIZA ensures that its standards are upheld throughout the entire production and distribution process.

Additionally, SIZA's benchmarking, recognition initiatives and strategic partnerships save the agricultural industry and producers valuable resources, by having a cost effective process to enable them to enhance compliance initiatives and sustainability practices.

All parties interested in benchmarking against the SIZA Standards/programme are requested to contact Retha Louw at before conducting a benchmark, as there are supporting reference documents, policies, procedures, etc. which should form part of the benchmarking process.