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From 01 April 2023 until 31 March 2024, 713 SIZA Social (ethical) Audits were conducted in South Africa on farms and packhouses. These audits were conducted throughout various seasons and included a wide variety of agricultural crops and commodities.

Managing waste on the farm involves handling, reducing, and finding new uses for the various types of waste produced during farming and processing. This includes leftover crops, animal waste, and by-products from processing.

Several producers in South Africa use TES’s services to supply labour during peak seasons. It is important to remember that the employment relationship between the employer and the TES is a joint responsibility.

The cost of compliance has always been a sensitive and uncomfortable subject. The aim of compliance is not to create financial strain on the business but a requirement to ensure a third-party certification body has evaluated specific requirements of a standard required by the farm’s clients/buyers.

Training and awareness-raising remain a very important aspect of a business’s daily commitment to responsible management practices. SIZA offers a variety of training to its members, including producers, farms, packhouses, consultants, and Temporary Employment Services.