When must a site have its first SIZA audit after registration? 

SIZA does not prescribe when sites must have their first audit after registration on the SIZA Platform.  A site can remain a provisional member of SIZA on the system until it has a third party audit.  After the audit the site becomes a full member as its SAQ information will have been verified in the audit process.  The site then gets into the SIZA Audit Frequency cycle according to the SIZA-Audit-Frequency-Matrix-October-2018. There is no prejudice to growers in being a provisional member. 

How often must a site do an audit? 

Once a site has done its first SIZA audit it gets into the SIZA Audit Frequency cycle which prescribes the frequency of audits according to the SIZA-Audit-Frequency-Matrix-October-2018

When must a site do its next audit if they did a SIZA audit?

The next audit of these sites will be based on the SIZA-Audit-Frequency-Matrix-October-2018 and depends on the number of non-compliances which have not been completed and signed off as agreed to in the Corrective Action Plan Report. After the final date for completing non-compliances has passed, the site will be sent a letter indicating its risk rating and when their next audit will be due.

SIZA Audit Process and Methodology Oct 2018 V.4